terms + conditions

In signing this agreement, the “Client” confirms the booking details outlined in this agreement with Storybook & Co. Pty Ltd (ABN 40 620 858 988) herein referred to as the “Company” are correct. The “Client” understands, has read and agrees to the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, as detailed below:

A 40% booking fee payment is required on the total service fees requested and agreed upon between the Company and the client. This fee goes to securing your event date within the Company, it also means that the Company locks this date out to ensure the client’s event is serviced accordingly. This fee is non-refundable. Once the 40% has been paid, the remaining fees are due one (1) month out from the event date agreed upon, once total fees are paid the total amount paid becomes non-refundable. Should the event date change, an addendum will be added to the service agreement and agreed upon and signed by both the Company and the Client. Payments that are overdue may incur late fees. The Client agrees that by paying a deposit you are accepting the terms and conditions as mentioned. Payment plans are available, these are to be agreed upon by both the Client and the Company in writing prior to signing the service agreement.

Should for any reason the event be cancelled or postponed indefinitely, the 40% booking fee of the total fee shall be forfeited. Within 4 weeks prior to the event for styling and hire, no refund of the final balance or credit is offered. This is due to the Company having invested the time taken to plan and source appropriate items and roster staff. In addition, all payments made up until that point will be retained and applied towards work carried out or expenses incurred to the date of notification of cancellation or postponement. Any balance then remaining will be refunded to the Client accordingly, via bank transfer within 10 business days. The Company retains the right to invoice the client for any works carried out past the previous instalment payment/booking fee, including additional works and expenses required as a result from the cancellation of the event. The Company must be advised in writing of any event cancellations or postponements. The Company are happy to move the 40% booking fee to a new date within 12 months of the original date booked, provided that both the date and services are available.

The Company has the right to request an additional payment post-event for any additional services carried out or expenses incurred that were not agreed to as apart of the original agreement from the Client. The Company may also request a minimum additional surcharge of $150 incl. GST due to higher staff costs during Public Holidays, Sundays or midnight pack downs.

In rare circumstances that the planner and/or coordinator with whom you have dealt with will not be present for the actual event, we will allocate another team member and/or third party to ensure the event runs to plan and smoothly. Should there be a third party brought in to ensure that your event runs smoothly, they will have an appropriate hand over with the Company to ensure a seamless and professional finish to your event.
Please note – that whilst we aim to plan for everything to run smoothly without issues, this is sometimes outside of our control and therefore The Company and/or third party are not liable.

The Company offers the following services – Event Planning, On the Day Coordinating + Styling – any services outside of this must be agreed upon by both the Company and the Client.

The Company’s planning services are as a guide and overall assistant to the client. We are here to help guide and offer advice on potential vendors, the selection process and liaise best prices within our existing contacts in the industry. The Company does not take responsibility for overspend on budgets (final vendor picks and spend are made by the client) or failure/closure of any vendors. The Company cannot control the weather for the event, however wet weather options will be discussed and provided should this be foreseen as a liability, The Company will not be liable for any damages and/or additional costs, if the client decides not to go ahead with the wet weather options and a weather event occurs.

The Company is not responsible for any unplanned events or situations that occur on the event date. Ideally, with the skills, knowledge and experience the Company uphold, there will always be situations outside of our control. We will aim to mitigate risks where possible and work with the Clients to make sure the event is seamless and runs to plan where we can. The Company take pride in their high standard of output and their personalization when it comes to this service. Your assigned event coordinator will remain onsite until all formalities have ceased, should you require more time, this will need to be agreed upon before the event. An outline of the tasks we cover throughout this service are included below – please note these tasks may alter depending on both the circumstances and event:
• One face to face meeting at a convenient location
• Intensive support 8 weeks from the wedding
• Email and phone support throughout the wedding planning process
• Converse with all suppliers prior to the day
• Full preparation of a detailed run-sheet including the distribution to vendors
• Vendor coordination in the lead up to the wedding
• Access to our Emergency Supplies Kit, ensuring we’ve got all bases covered for any little mishaps
• Oversee your wedding on the day, including but not limited to receiving deliveries, managing time frames, coordinating vendors and managing any other details that require attention.

Coverage is normally between 8-10 hours with 1-2 coordinators based on the size of the event – additional time and coordinators may be requested for an additional cost.

The Company provides mood boards as a guide when it comes to the design and styling of your event. While we work tirelessly to ensure your event setup meets the intention, tone and vibe of these mood boards, there are instances where substitutes will be required. We encourage all Clients to ensure that if there are any specific items shown within the mood boards that are ‘must haves’ they advise the Company in writing so we can keep this in mind. The Client understands and agrees that there may be variables to this that may effect the final output in which the Company is not liable for, these variables may include but are not limited to; budgets, availability, venue requirements, etc. Please also note that the Company does not own any rights to Pinterest and any boards built using these inspiration pictures, are purely just that. The Company has limited items within their hire range, however, should the Client require the items offered by the Company to complement their design, they agree to the terms outlined in the hire section below. The Company sources most of its hire items from third party known industry vendors, whilst some vendors used in this process may offer us industry discounts, it is at the discretion of the Company to pass these on to the Client.

A bond of $100 is required for all hire done through the Company’s stock items. This is returned to you via bank transfer within 10 business days after the stock returns in correct quantities and quality to the warehouse. For all hire items, the Client agrees to take responsibility for any damages or loss incurred during your event and should this occur, you agree to pay any additional charges incurred past the payable bond. No refund is offered if goods and/or services are unable to be supplied to circumstances out of our control i.e. weather. The Company will always endeavour to cater for revised plans, however in the event of weather or inappropriate setup areas, we may hold back our hire items due to possible loss, damage or the safety of our staff, venue or guests.

The Company will increase current service pricing by 15% as at the 1st of September each year to include increases to industry CPI. The Company is registered for GST and all prices quoted are subject to GST unless otherwise advised.

The Client must include one (1) meal in their final catering numbers for each staff member of the Company where ‘On the Day Coordination’ is applicable. The Company will advise of the number of staff rostered on prior to the event.

All mood boards, styling themes, design concepts, contractual agreements and any other forms used within the services provided by the Company remain the intellectual property of the Company. Should any Client use these materials elsewhere, the Company has the right to charge the Client for its use.

The Company is not liable whether in contract, tort or otherwise for any damage caused, personal injury to any person, animal or any other loss or damage that may occur before, during or after your event. The Company creates events that are individually planned, coordinated and styled as per the discussions and planning with the Client. The Company is not liable in any way whatsoever for any item or event that is not identical to or otherwise matching any photos or materials used within the construction of the event.

The Client hereby permits and allows the Company to display any images covered by this contract including general promotion of the Company by means of advertising, publicity material, websites, exhibitions, competitions, magazine articles, and other such media – providing that the images are used lawfully and without damage to the Client. It is specifically agreed that the Materials may be used on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and/or other social media forums/website platforms as is desired, and that the Clients’ may be tagged, or otherwise identified, unless otherwise advised in writing prior to the event. The Company also respects the privacy of our couples in which we would be happy to hold off sharing any personal details until the Client has done so themselves. The Company reserves the right to take photography and video footage of the event. The Company holds the rights to contact the photographer and/or videographer hired for the event and obtain images and/or footage to be used in a general, advertising and/or marketing capacity.

The first 100km to and from the venue are included in the amount. Travel charges may be charged thereafter.

All over time charged will be charged at an hourly rate of $60 per planner/coordinator or as otherwise agreed between the Client and the Company. This will be communicated to the Client prior to any overtime being completed.

The Company is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected, and your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air, and quickly fall on floors or surfaces. You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.

Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. However symptoms may include, but are not limited to:
• fever
• coughing
• sore throat
• shortness of breath

If you, or anyone close to you are sick and think you/they might have COVID-19, check your/their symptoms using healthdirect’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptom Checker.

The Company is committed to ensuring the safety of all guests and vendors involved in the Event and is currently using an approved industry COVID Safe Plan – Weddings Industry COVID Safe Plan. The Company is committed to adhering to all guidelines and current State restrictions provided by Queensland Health Officials. The Client understands that these COVID Safe Plans may change in accordance with the State’s COVID restrictions and that this is out of the Company’s control. The Client agrees that any changes to these plans, will respectfully be implemented, where applicable to your Event. The Company will complete all necessary paperwork for your Event should this be applicable – this currently includes – Statement of Compliance, COVID Safe Event Checklist, COVID-19 Weddings Industry Blueprint and Contract Tracing Registers (for vendors/deliveries/staff and guests attending your Event). If Health Officials ask for copies of these documents, either at the Event or after – these will be given to them, it is a requirement that all guests and vendors who attend the event check in and have their details kept on file for 56 days after the Event.

Should the Client at any point, not adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined from the approved industry COVID Safe Plan, The Company, Queensland Health Officials and the State, The Company has every right to pack up and remove themselves from the Event immediately. It is then the responsibility of the Client to remove all participants immediately to adhere to the guidelines and regulations set out under the State’s current restrictions. The Company reserves the right to ask guests and vendors to remove themselves from the Event should they not adhere to above as well, guests and vendors will receive three (3) warnings before the request is made, with the support of the Client should the guest or vendor become resistant.

As stated in the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No. 5) (https://www.health.qld.gov.au/system-governance/legislation/cho-public-health-directions-under-expanded-public-health-act-powers/business-activity-undertaking-direction);

Section 362D of the Public Health Act 2005 provides:
Failure to comply with public health directions
A person to whom a public health direction applies must comply with the direction unless the person
has a reasonable excuse.
Maximum penalty—100 penalty units (one unit is currently $133.45) or 6 months imprisonment.

In the event of a breach of the above directions, a Court may impose a penalty upon the person, who knowingly breaches a direction as set out above. The Client/s may also be liable to prosecution for an offence.

The Client also takes ownership of the following:
• Reading the guidelines and restrictions themselves to ensure they understand their duties in this process – this will be provided to you by the Company.
• Providing information to guests about the current restrictions and what these entail / don’t entail.
• Asking guests not to attend should they have any of the COVID related symptoms (as per the above) or generally feel unwell.